WSSWA Legislative Committee

Legislative Chair: Murrene Payton

School Social Work Association of America delegate: Kelly Ohme

Legislative Consultant/Lobbiest: Jack O’Meara

WSSWA Government Relations Representative or (608) 294-8746

WSSWA Goes to Washington!

On June 19-21, 2019, President-Elect Angela Baerwolf and WSSWA Delegate Kelly Ohme attended the Delegate Assembly hosted by SSWAA.  They came together with other state affiliates to discuss how to be an effective board, as well as how to better engage YOU, our members.

Kelly was joined by Legislative Chair Murrene Payton and board member Susan Baumann-Duren on June 21-23 for the Legislative Institute.  The three met with the offices of Senators Baldwin and Johnson, as well as Representatives Sensenbrenner and Pocan, to advocate for issues important to school social workers.  They covered such topics as:

  • Increase federal investment in education
  • Provide adequate funding for ESSA, a student support and academic enrichment grant
  • Increase school mental health services
  • Provide a path to citizenship for DACA individuals

Legislative News

Wisconsin School Social Workers Association

Updated: 11/27/2019



WSSWA Position

Activity and Status

AB 60
Rep. Stuck

Prohibits the use of electronic monitoring for juveniles in truancy cases.


3/7/19 Referred to Corrections Committee; No public hearing yet.

AB 84
Rep. Tauchen

Prohibits “shaming” related to school lunch and breakfast programs.

Support, requested change to improve legislation

3/19/19 Referred to Education Committee. WSSWA supports, but has requested an amendment to read: "every effort will be made to engage the parents/guardians in the process of filling out the lunch application by encouraging them to fill out the application themselves and/or by offering assistance." 5/30/19 public hearing; Executive action has not been taken.

AB 111
Rep. Stuck

Prohibits conversion therapy.


3/22/19 Referred to the Mental Health Committee; No public hearing yet.

SB 107
Sen. Risser

Same as AB 111.


3/15/19 Referred to Health and Human Services Committee; No public hearing yet.

AB 149
Rep. Rodriguez

Creates “character education” professional development grants to districts (teachers, admin., pupil services).


4/3/2019 Referred to Education Committee; No public hearing held.

SB 138
Sen. Darling

Same as AB 149.


9/17/19 Senate Education Committee public hearing – discussion of amending to stipulate “11 character traits” per WCEP; explore use of any remaining $ from school safety appropriations; 10/17/19 Bill was approved by committee, 7-2, with amendment that attempts to define character education and adds other limitations. Bill is ready to be brought up on Senate floor.

AB 338
Rep. Doyle

Makes it a felony to issue a threat to use a dangerous weapon on school property to injure or kill a person and providing a penalty (Class I Felony: a fine not to exceed $10,000 or imprisonment not to exceed 3 years and 6 months, or both).


7/16/19 Referred to Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee; No public hearing yet.

SB 311
Sen. Bewley

Same as AB 338.

Oppose bill as originally drafted, but author has agreed to amendment

8/14/19 Senate Judiciary and Public Safety public hearing: Testimony in opposition to bill as written. 9/25/19 Passed out of committee 5-0. WSSWA met with staff for lead author of the bill, Senator Janet Bewley, and requested change to require underage violators to consult with a licensed mental health professional like a social worker. An amendment to this effect has been drafted by Senator Bewley.

AB 377

Rep. Spiros

Requires sexual abuse prevention education.


8/28/19 Referred to Children and Families Committee; No public hearing yet.

SB 347
Sen. Petrowski

Same as AB 377.


8/14/19 Referred to Education Committee;10/28/19 SAs 1&2 offered by Sen. Petrowski. No public hearing yet.

AB 378
Rep. Sargent

Requires schools to provide teen dating violence education; set certain criteria governing instruction; and requires DPI to incorporate teen dating violence/sexual violence prevention into health curriculum


8/28/10 Referred to Education Committee; No public hearing yet.

SB 420
Sen. Petrowski

Same as AB 378.


9/17/19 Referred to Education Committee; No public hearing yet.

AB 528
Rep Duchow

Provides grants to high schools for peer-to-peer suicide prevention programs.


10/14/19 Referred to Education Committee; 10/24/19 Public hearing held; 11/7/19 Assembly passage 93-2.

SB 498
Sen. Darling

Same as AB 528.


10/10/19 Referred to Education Committee; 11/19/19 Public hearing yet.

AB 585
Rep. Quinn

Makes changes further strengthening current law regarding seclusion and restraint of pupils in public and private schools.


11/1/19 Referred to Education Committee; No public hearing yet.

SB 527
Sen. Olsen

Same as AB 585.


10/25/19 Referred to Education Committee; 11/19/19 Public hearing yet.  

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